What Is Galaxy Rose

Completely handcrafted by real artists, our Galaxy Rose is a spectacular kaleidoscopic flower that features iridescent petals and glittering stems that are meant to last for eternity, same as your love for your better half. It is definitely the most amazing expression of your love, passion, and affection towards the gems of your life.

Each of our galaxy rose is fully gold plated as it promises the never-before attention that you surely deserve from your beloved people. The glittering effect of our forever rose will surely mesmerize your better half. Besides, it will also completely transform the overall atmosphere of any situation. Moreover, it is guaranteed to catch the eyes of all people.

Our artisans designed the galaxy rose in such a unique way that you can gift this beauty for any occasion to display your love for most precious people in your life. Each of our galaxy rose is intricately handmade. Besides, we also promise that the glittering petals will convey the affection that is meant to last for eternity.

It feels quite common if you give a real rose to your beloved fiance, girlfriend, wife, or to your mother on every single occasion. And due to that, we have handcrafted this beautiful piece that can surely become a perfect gift for your precious lady. These crystallized loves will truly shout your affection and passion towards the beautiful people in your life.

Our promise!

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