Influencers are a great addition to the affiliate marketing mix.  Whether your passion is lifestyle, food, travel, family – or are an all-around social media expert – you can become our affiliate and earn money by promoting our brands to your followers.

Connect with Us

Search our product directory and partner with the best matches for your audience.  There’s no limit on how many programs you can join, but those that fit your audience will often perform better. So, you should contact us if you are also willing to showcase our galaxy rose to your audience.

Promote to your audience

Trackable links or images will be provided to you, and these can be added to your website, blog, or even social media accounts. They can be incorporated into content pieces, imagery, and in the descriptions and bios of social media accounts. You can also use Convert-a-Link to automatically convert URLs on your page to tracking links.

Visitor follows link

Any visit from your site to our site is tracked back to you and your publisher’s account. Within your account, you’ll be able to see all of the advertisers you’ve driven traffic for, as well as sales. So, you should contact us so that we can make a profile for you.

Earn commission from sales

We will pay you commission for approved sales referred from your affiliate links.

So, if you want to become our affiliate or if you want to promote our products from your influence handle and profiles, then contact us at [email protected]